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Oh My Goff

Sep 20, 2020

Fresh off her surprise cameo at Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight's epic Verzuz battle, the legendary icon Dionne Warwick joins us. We talk about that magical night, the Masked Singer, her interior design biz and secrets to success. We even get a chance to say a little prayer with the music queen herself during an impromptu duet! We're also rooting on parents as they get ready for another round of back-to-school 2020 style. Don't forget that mask! And speaking of pandemic, this trying time has changed everything we do from how we watch movies, do our jobs and spend our free time. In some cases, the alternative has proved to be a better solution for some. We speak with an Evolutionary Anthropologist Dorsa Amir about the changes that could stay when things finally return to normal as we know it.