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Oh My Goff

Oct 3, 2022

You don't have to like whiskey, or alcohol or even business to be captivated by Fawn Weaver's story.

From storyteller to top woman in whiskey, Fawn Weaver had no idea she would become a history maker all why trying to pay tribute to the past. In 2016 Weaver became obsessed with knowing more about Nearest Green, a former slave who taught THE Jack Daniel how to make THAT famous bottle of Tennessee whiskey. Long story short, Weaver bought the farmland where Nearest taught Jack how to distill and befriended descendants from both families. While searching for ways to preserve Green’s legacy Weaver went on to create Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, one of the fastest growing whiskey brands in the world. It is also the most awarded whiskey in recents years. 

In this episode, we start from the beginning. Fawn talks about being a rebel child, the daughter of a big motown mover and shaker turned preacher. Running away as a teenager, living in homeless shelters which eventually led to her starting her first company at 18. That is only the beginning. 

Weaver's drive, smarts and never ending search for a good love story leads her to the untold history of Nearest Green. From there Weaver embarks on a mission to make sure his name is never ever forgotten. 

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