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Oh My Goff

Jun 16, 2021

Former government contractor Dani Sauter finally made it! She landed her DREAM JOB at a marketing startup. But it wasn’t long before Dani realized it wasn’t what she expected. She wasn’t doing the kind of work she envisioned, her creativity felt stifled and her confidence took a big hit. So Dani took the plunge and threw herself into what she had always loved: fashion. It’s the ultimate story of betting on yourself and investing in a vision. 7 years later Dani continues to run her uber popular blog which has become a go-to for body positivity and inclusivity. Her instagram account Blonde in the District has become social media gold. The bombshell plus-size model and social media influencer talks about ‘how it started’ and ‘how it’s going’  and gives us everything in between. We cover taking risks, personal style as power, size inclusivity and social media tips to grow your brand.

GOOD QUESTION: This week it’s about chicken wings sauce and how the heck do we stay positive. Text your questions about life to Angie at 202-918-5313

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