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Oh My Goff

Jun 30, 2021

After nearly two decades of being homeless and at one point living in LA's infamous Skid Row Khadijah Williams was accepted into Harvard University where she graduate in 2013. Her incredible story of living on the streets to graduating from an Ivy League school has been profiled by Oprah and other national news outlets. As the Senior Education Organizer at DC's Rocketship Public Schools the homeless youth advocate is now using her voice and experience to grow engagement between schools and the families of vulnerable youth. She shares why representation is not enough and how important it is for people of color to be included at the decision making level when it comes to education.

GOOD QUESTION: This week we address a couple of your questions about relationships. I enlist the help of dating coach and author Jess McCann who has a new book dropping this Fall called "If Love is a Blessing Why Do I Feel Cursed?" Text your life advice questions to Angie anytimie at 202-918-5313 SHOW


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