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Oh My Goff

Nov 27, 2022

CONTENT WARNING: discussion includes talk of violence and sexual assault

When Tala Raassi was 16 years old she was arrested by Iran’s morality police for attending a co-ed party and wearing a mini skirt. Her sentence: 40 lashes after spending 5 excruciating days in jail. It was a night that changed her life forever and eventually led to her using her love for fashion to find freedom. After moving to the US she became a fashion designer, even the official swimwear maker for the Miss Universe pageant at one point. Knowing the risks involved she has continued to share her story and speak out against the Iranian government and their treatment of women as second class citizens. With the current uprising following Mahsa Amini’s death Tala says there’s no turning back now. She believes the Iran revolution unfolding now is unlike any before and could spark real changed. 

In our conversation, Tala bravely shares her personal story along with why it’s so important that citizens and journalists everywhere continue to share what is happening in Iran. As protests continue to grow, so does the government’s brutal crackdown. 

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