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Oh My Goff

Jul 20, 2022

What do you get when you have Doogie Howser + Bill Paxton from Twister + a dash of Leonardo DiCaprio from Catch Me if You Can? Answer: Matthew Cappucci

The meteorological rising star is in studio for our next show and takes us for an adventurous ride in the world of storm chasing. The self proclaimed weather nerd on his obsession with weather, science, adventure and getting up close to dangerous storms. His new book Looking Up is packed with lively storytelling that will leave you entertained and feeling like you’ve learned a lot. He also shares how he’s been able to do so much in his career in so little time. I mean… who creates his OWN college major at an Ivy League school? Cappucci did! Majoring in weather science while an undergrad at Harvard! Matthew answers audience questions including how does he find time to date with his 6 jobs?!? Angie's 4 year old also pops in and does the weather!

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Looking Up: The Adventures of a Storm Chasing Weather Nerd by Matthew Cappucci available August 2, 2022