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Oh My Goff

Nov 5, 2022

Oh My Goff we're at the Pentagon!

This month General John W. "Jay" Raymond the first chief of space operations for Space Force retired. General Raymond was the head of Space Force the military's newest branch established in 2019. Before retiring, General Raymond joined Angie to chat about everything from a little Clemson- South Carolina rivalry, his past 38.5 years serving, the biggest threats in Space and why we all should care. 

General Raymond shares his family's storied military and space history along with some of the best advice he's followed his entire career. 

Oh and what about that show Space Force? He thinks it's funny and in fact there's a nod to General Raymond in Season 2. We wrap with a light rapid fire round that reveals the General's favorite space movie of all time and whether he'd choose the moon or mars to live on. 

Catch the Oh My Goff Show Wednesday 1PM EDT on Fireside. 

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